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Research suggests we are faced with unprecedented changes in our global society and economy. There is a strong need to transform the way in which teaching and learning occurs to ensure learning is relevant, experiential and ensuring learners are active participants in the learning process.

Additionally, to date, the education system is not serving all learners and the equity divide continues to grow. For all learners to be prepared for this unknown future, they need to be equipped to be resilient, life long learners. SchoolTalk codifies imperative elements of the Teaching, Learning and Assessment cycle so that they are not left to chance to create clarity, coherence and consistency for your school or Kāhui Ako.

We charge schools a cost effective license fee to implement SchoolTalk and there are also technical support and PLD costs. Being a non-for-profit, any surplus goes back into education to ensure that SchoolTalk is accessible to all. No teacher, child or parent is left behind. SchoolTalk has four value drivers that support what is developed:

- Teacher Efficiency/Effectiveness

- Analytics to Drive Improvement

- Learner Agency

- Home/School Partnerships

About SchoolTalk

SchoolTalk is a cutting-edge, not-for-profit, learning management system that helps schools to track learners’ progress, identify gaps and take steps to close them, thus ensuring that every learner makes progress in their learning journey.  Using the core elements of a Learning Management System and more, it creates a rich record of learning that is visibly and collaboratively used by teachers, learners and parents to develop effective teachers, support student agency, and strengthen home/school partnerships.

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