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Formative assessment is being implemented in many educational jurisdictions as the evidence of accelerated learning is compelling. There is a strong need to transform the way in which teaching and learning occurs to ensure learning is relevant, experiential and engages learners as active participants in the learning process. SchoolTalk codifies critical elements of the formative assessment process so that they are not left to chance to create clarity, coherence and differentiated learning for students.

SchoolTalk Focus and Features

About SchoolTalk

SchoolTalk is a full featured formative assessment tool that visibly tracks student progress against structured progressions so that every learner makes progress in their learning journey.  SchoolTalk creates a rich record of learning that is visibly and collaboratively used by teachers, learners and parents to support effective formative assessment, build student agency, and strengthen home/school partnerships.

Empowering Educators and Learners

SchoolTalk's approach is backed by positive feedback from educators and parents, highlighting its effectiveness in enhancing teacher efficiency, promoting student agency, and strengthening home-school partnerships. 

    • Upload progressions related to your jurisdiction's curriculum.

    • Run reports on groups and access automated syntheses of student data at different levels of granularity.

    • Make decisions based on actual real-time data, supported by rich evidence.

    • See gaps and explore progress and evidence created in previous years.

    • Create reports on demand, based on current progress data.

    • Save data snapshots to create historical trends of individuals or groups.

    • Retrieve insights on current progress and gaps for every learner.

    • Analyse and compare cohort data.

    • Gain insights into whole school progress, teacher capability and opportunities for professional development.

    • Collaborate together to design learning by sharing calendars and learning plans with other teachers.

    • Collect and share relevant learning resources.

    • Share external documents and school resources, upload files from your computer.

    • Create purposeful resources and attach these to structured progressions for teachers, learners and parents to access.

    • Map teaching to learning goals from their school’s progressions.

    • Use your school’s progressions to create purposeful cross-curriculum, rich learning plans, to engage learners.

    • Adapt your teaching plans easily to match the actual learning pace of individual or groups of students.

    • View evidence created and submitted by learners and provide personalised feedback or next steps.

    • Easily view learning progressions and progress for each learner.

    • Mark progress and attach evidence for a learner or a group of learners.

    • Leave guidance notes for other teachers, not visible to learners and parents.

SchoolTalk empowers educators with tools for Progressions, Assessment, and Data Management, enabling a comprehensive view of student learning and a proactive approach to educational development. Key features include:

1. Enhance Teacher Formative Assessment Practice

    • Provide access to their own individual and personalised progressions

    • Encourage reflection on: “Know where I am at and what my next steps are.”

    • Share learning designs with learners

    • Submit evidence in multiple ways, and multiple times by using several third party apps

    • Give instant feedback to teachers

    • Utilise resources that are relevant to progressions

The SchoolTalk platform empowers students to take charge of their learning, fostering motivation and ownership. SchoolTalk's features for student agency include:

2. Promote Student Agency

    • Visibly share learning designs with each learner’s family.

    • Provide transparency of their child’s individual progressions to track progress.

    • Make available regular updates of their child’s progress via evidence uploads, feedback, status updates, such as “working towards” & “achieved” against expectations.

    • Deliver progress and achievement reports to parents by print or by email.

    • Real time reporting with the ability to release reports to the whole school, specific cohorts or groups at any time.

    • Utilise specific resources to support learning at home.

    • Utilise third party apps, such as our SchoolTalk Slider to gather perception-based insights from students to supplement their progressions and formal reports.

SchoolTalk bridges the gap between home and school, creating a cohesive learning environment. This is achieved through:

3. Strengthen Home-School Partnerships

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