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Support Material

With SchoolTalk creating a rich record of learning, we are able to provide a range of support material and research-based resources for your perusal.

Module 1 - Teacher Dashboard

Support on how to view your calendar, add other teachers for collaborative purposes, add or edit learner groups and view the progressions.

Module 2 - Gap Analysis

See what learners have achieved, what their next steps are, where there are gaps, where learners might be ready for extension, and to identify opportunities for personalised and differentiated learning.

Module 3 - Learner Groups

Grouping is used for tracking  progress, creating differentiated learning opportunities, planning events, accessing achievement data, marking progress, setting goals and identifying gaps.

Module 4 - Calendar & Events

The calendar can be used plan events, and share planning and progressions with learners and whānau. Events allow learners to upload evidence against progressions

Support Modules

SchoolTalk "Cheat Sheet"

A printable resource to use as a quick reference guide.  Clear step by step instructions will walk you through many of the Schooltalk features and functions.


A great first stop reference for troubleshooting or general queries.  Can be printed or searched digitally.

Tips and Tricks

Another great resource to take your Schooltalk skills and efficiency to the next level!  

Support Docs

Supporting Inclusivity and Agency

Includes tips and tricks on how to use the functionality of SchoolTalks Calendar and the Design for Learning space to promote agency and support learners who may find reading or following text instructions challenging.

Roles and Responsibilities

A useful guide for suggested roles and responsibilities in order to facilitate a successful Schooltalk implementation within your organisation.

Includes profiles for Schooltalk leads, Schooltalk 'Sponsors', and Pilot Teachers. 

CET Research 

Our CET report details the findings of a one year project that examined whether the SchoolTalk app could be used to grow teachers’ capability by implementing the teaching, learning and assessment cycle to design and deliver effective learning, including learning that engaged and supported Māori and Pasifika learners. 

Other Resources

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