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Track Student Progress, and Develop Formative Assessment with SchoolTalk

SchoolTalk student tracking app offers a comprehensive suite of tools for Teachers to easily assess, and personalize student learning journeys effectively. It gives teachers the information they need to maximise every student’s progress.

Flexible and adaptable, SchoolTalk has been effectively adopted in numerous schools. The app accommodates any structured set of learning progressions in alignment with any school curriculum standards. This tool is particularly suited for educational institutions aiming to enhance Formative Assessment Practices, increase Student Agency, and foster stronger home-school connections.

See how tracking and responding to student progress is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Learn more about tracking and responding to student progress here

Discover how SchoolTalk can transform your educational experience 


Enhance your teaching with SchoolTalk.
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Monitor Individual Learners Achievement against progressions.

  • Track student progress against schools’ curriculum standards or progressions

  • Automation of formative assessment information facilitates differentiated learning experiences for all students.

  • Real-time progress assessments provides timely insights.

Enhance Formative Assessment

We’re a team of teachers who developed SchoolTalk out of our passion for better teaching and learning experiences. Chat with one of our expert team about streamlining your assessments and student progress today.

Download "A Step-by-Step Guide to to the Adoption of Formative Assessment Practices" and gain a research-backed framework to empower your educators to:

Targeted Instruction: Discover how to tailor learning experiences to meet individual student needs and strengths.
Enhanced Engagement: Implement strategies that foster student motivation and active participation in the learning process.
Data-Informed Decisions: Utilize real-time insights to optimize instructional practices and resource allocation.
Collaborative Culture: Create a school environment where teachers and students work together to drive continuous improvement.

Don't miss this opportunity to implement evidence-based strategies that will significantly impact your school's learning environment.

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Begin Elevating Student Outcomes Today with Formative Assessment Practices

Seeking a more effective and personalized approach to teaching?


“Since introducing SchoolTalk to my Y7 & 8 class and making it part of our classroom routine, I have noticed a real positive shift in their approach to their learning. They have a better understanding of the bigger picture through engaging with their progressions and now approach all learning as an opportunity to show where they are at. They are attaching evidence of their learning, even when it shows that they need more teaching/practice, to consolidate their understanding. They are seeing the relevance of independent learning tasks that they used to approach as 'busy work'. I have begun to show direct links between other learning websites such as ReadTheory/ReadWorks and IXL to the progressions, as a result I am seeing an increase in completed learning tasks and independent learning being used as evidence.”

Katie Batchelor, Teacher

Contact us to chat about developing student agency with SchoolTalk.

Foster Independent Learning and Confidence in Students.

  • Enables  learners to attach evidence and self-assessment to their learning goals.

  • Encourages learners to take ownership of their learning journeys.

  • Students can track their own progress.

  • Read success stories of improved student engagement here.

Student Agency

Talk to us about integrating SchoolTalk in your community.

Bridge the Gap between Home and School for a Unified Learning Experience.


  • Parents have the ability to track and support their child's learning at home.

  • Tools that facilitate regular and meaningful parent-teacher interactions.

  • Increased parent involvement and satisfaction reported.

Home-School Partnerships

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