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Being evidence-informed provides teachers, leaders and schools with information to analyse impacts and consider what next steps are needed. Having relevant, timely data is essential to ensuring there are positive outcomes for learners.

Granular - Teachers utilise the granular level of  progressions to inform what learning is needed at the current time and for who


Global - A global view of progress information is used to reflect on and consider if each child is making the right amount of progress across a year


For leaders within a school, data plays an important role in the overall strategic decisions and direction a school may take, for example, investment or allocation of resources, structure of professional development and design of interventions.

For a Community of Learning/Kahui Ako, data is used in a similar way  to achieve alignment and coherence across a community of schools.


SchoolTalk automates the synthesis of a school’s data by:

  • Creating reports on demand, based on current progress data.

  • Saving data snapshots to create historical trends of individuals or groups.

  • Retrieving insights on current progress and gaps for every learner.

  • Grouping learners according to their current learning needs based on real-time data.

  • Showing visible evidence of the impact of effective teaching.

  • Utilising third party apps, such as our SchoolTalk Slider to gather perception-based insights from students to supplement their progressions and formal reports.

  • Analysing and comparing cohort data.

  • Gaining insights into whole school progress, teacher capability and opportunities for professional development.

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