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SchoolTalk fosters a partnership by linking, extending and reinforcing learning between school and home. Parents are provided with opportunities to support their child in relevant and purposeful ways that align with their child’s current progress.


SchoolTalk supports parent engagement by:

  • Visibly sharing learning designs with each learner’s family.

  • Providing transparency of their child’s individual progressions to track progress.

  • Utilising specific resources to support learning at home.

  • Making available regular updates to their child’s progress via evidence uploads, feedback, status updates, such as working towards & achieved progress.

  • Delivering progress and achievement reports to parents by print or by email.

  • Real time reporting with the ability to release reports to the whole school, specific cohorts or groups at any time.


Experts state that when teachers and parents share the responsibility to help their children learn and meet educational goals, it can accelerate progress. By taking an active role in monitoring their progress, learning assignments, attendance, activities, and events, parents/whānau can have a positive influence in their child’s learning and educational experience.

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